Individual Membership

The goal of AAERE is to encourage the exchange of ideas, research and other professional activities that are of an interdisciplinary nature relating to the economics and management of environment and natural resources in Asia. To achieve this result, we hope you can join us.

If you are interested in becoming a member of AAERE, please notify following things:

  • Individual members gathers individuals who by their profession, training and /or function are involved in environmental and resource economics as a science;

  • student members gathers individual members who are university students;

  • Anyone interested in environmental and resource economics and management may become a member upon payment of at least one year's dues;

  • Any member has the rights to participate in meetings and symposia that the Association holds, to vote for officers and be voted as an office and participate other specific activities hold by Association.

  • The standard rates for the FY 2019/20 (until June 30, 2020)
    • - $15 (or JPY 1,700) for annual personal income less than $15,000
    • - $30 (or JPY 3,300) for annual personal income between $15,000 and $30,000
    • - $60 (or JPY 6,600) for annual personal income between $30,000 and $60,000
    • - $90 (or JPY 10,000) for annual personal income $60,000 and above


No discount fees for students - your membership fee is solely upon you personal income listed above.

Payment of membership fee should be made online thru PAYPAL

Annual income

Application Form for general members (click here for excel file)

Application Form for Japanese residents (click here for excel file)

For more information about the membership, Please contact
Email: aaere.secretariat(at)