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The Asian Association of Environmental
and Resource Economics (AAERE)


The AAERE is an academic organization which is dedicated to:

  • Encourage the exchanges of ideas, research, and other professional activities that are of an interdisciplinary nature relating to the economics and management of the environment and nature resources in Asia, particularly in Asia;
  • Develop a platform for scholars and economists to exchange ideas and stimulate research; and
  • Offer opportunities for its members to present the finding of their studies in workshops and conferences.
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Budy P. Resosudarmo
President, AAERE

In the next two years, during my presidency, I do hope we can continue to conduct our association activities; strengthening and expanding them. We should be able to maintain the excellence of our Association in the East Asia region while further enhancing our knowledge of resource and environmental economics. We continue to expand our memberships throughout Asia, in particular Southeast and South Asia regions. We should ensure the relevance of resource and environmental economics; in the short- and medium-term, to provide sound academic works and policy advice to enhance the sustainable development agenda in our region. I would like to encourage that we achieve these goals by strengthening collaborations among us and with quality academics from other regions in the world, as well as to further develop our journal, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies. These activities, in my opinion, are the key to be able to enhance our knowledge of environmental and resource economics and to broaden the coverage of our Association....
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